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Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) Student Works Repository aims at collecting, preserving and showcasing the HKMU students’ creative works to stakeholders and the general public in order to provide a better understanding about the University, its students and their excellent works.


The collections in the Repository include primarily but are not limited to creative works, articles and papers, project works of students selected and recommended by the Schools. The digitized materials consist of photographs, posters, audio-visual recordings, text reports and other format types. Only the materials or their parts that can be converted to digital format and be able to present on the World Wide Web would be uploaded to the Repository. Due to various reasons, the Library is not able to guarantee all or part of the content of the original works could be provided in the Repository. The Library would try the best effort to preserve the original content and its layout. The Repository also provides access to electronic version of theses and dissertations (ETDs) by HKMU graduate students. The ETDs are accessible by HKMU staff and student only. The bound paper copies of the theses are kept in the Library on campus.

Our Contributors

The Digital Repository is developed and maintained by the HKMU Library. It was funded by the University's Quality Enhancement Measures (QEM) scheme and launched in September 2021. We would like to make special thanks to the six Schools of the HKMU for contributing the student works content and data. We would also like to thank Office for Advancement of Learning and Teaching (ALTO) and Information Technology Office (ITO) for their valuable advice and assistance in system development and support.

We should also thank our student helpers, Mr. Andrew Tam and Mr. Moses Lau from A&SS, who have prepared the design and graphical elements of the Repository website

Access & Use

Most of the works in the Student Works Repository are made freely available and accessible to the local and global communities. All works in the Repository are protected by the Copyright Ordinance of Hong Kong. The use of this work is restricted for the purpose of private study and scholarly research only. Anyone who consults this work is understood to recognize that its copyright rests with its author and that no part of it may be reproduced or distributed without the author’s prior written consent. Some of the works might be restricted for access by HKMU staff and students only due to various reasons such as copyright restriction. The HKMU Library has made every effort to contact the owners of copyright materials collected in this Repository, but has not been able to do so in all cases. We would be pleased if the copyright owners we have been unable to trace would contact the University Library.

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